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Where it all began

Brayton Park is one of North West Cumbria’s treasured landmarks, with a history dating back to the time of the Norman Conquests. Renowned for its history, as well as its beautiful location, the same family has owned the estate for the last five generations.

With elegance in its roots, Brayton Park was once home to a sophisticated and magnificent mansion which was the ancestral seat of the Lawson family. Dating back to as early as the 15th century, the mansion stood in over 860 acres of its surrounding land. But the beauty of the mansion was short lived. In 1918 the hall was destroyed by fire. What had been considered one of Cumbria’s main showpieces, went up in flames, along with its priceless collections of furniture and art that had been collected over centuries by the family.

Becoming a WWII Airfield

After the disastrous fire, which destroyed the entire front and south wing of the mansion, it was decided to demolish the ruins to reconstruct a smaller mansion. This mansion then became home to the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1942, during World War II.

With a considerable amount of aircraft flying into the estate for storage, Brayton Park had many spectacular aircraft pass through. However, it was one of Britain’s best-loved aircraft’s which became Brayton’s most numerous resident, the Vickers Wellington, now cherished by our Wellington Lodge.

By the end of the war, these aircraft were quick to depart when their home officially closed in 1946. The estate was later purchased by Henry Ward from Wolsingham, County Durham in 1939. His son Robert Henry and his wife Lena then moved into the home farm.

luxury lodges with hot tubs

Brayton Park Today

In recent years, the estate has been converted into something sincerely spectacular, with an abundance of charm around every corner.

Owner Harry Ward, the grandson of Robert Henry, has transformed the estate into a peaceful and picturesque escape that bursts with the long-lived Cumbrian heritage of the Brayton Estate. With luxurious lodges, an on-site park restaurant, a fishing lake and a golf course providing a stunning backdrop of the Lake District countryside, they have truly captured the very best of the landmark.

So whether you want to spend your days exploring the Lake District fells, indulging in locally sourced meals at Lakeside Restaurant, or simply soaking up the views from your hot tub, we would love to welcome you.